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Downloads "Analyst Ready" XBRL data into Excel for multi-filing comparisons across companies or over time


NEW! Data can be downloaded directly from Excel


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Sector3 enables you to model a sector to allow meaningful comparisons between company business segments. You define the sectors and Sector3 will supply the appropriate data in Excel.


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XBRL Sheet - Get data directly from inside Excel

Unlimited filings - Automatic updates


Build models around comparable transparent XBRL


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New version available NOW!

Standardized XBRL tags for easy comparisons

Standardized and as reported in a single format

Free and Premium versions available

Premium for as a little as $3.....

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Latest News
10th May 2017 - Xbrl sheet not working properly with latest Excel 2016 build (1703)
Microsoft have introduced a bug with their latest release of Excel 2016 which causes data queries to ignore data range properties. This throws the data out when other sheets try to pick up the downloaded Filing data. We suggest you don't update to build 1703. Build 1702 works fine. If you have already updated, you may want to roll back to build 1702. Follow below for more info.


26th April 2017 - Building Xbrl sheets from scratch
Who are we to tell you how to analyse a company? You can customise our example sheets or why not build one from scratch. Watch the video to see how.

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3rd March 2017 - Monitor the very latest SEC XBRL filings in Excel
You can now use our Xbrl sheet web queries to search for the very latest filings in real time. Set up your own Watchlist, search for peers for your chosen company or widen the search to larger industry groupings.

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9th Feb 2017 - Download filings in Xbrl sheet.
You can now download filings from the website in Xbrl sheet. No need to come back to the website to get more filings - use Xbrl sheet web queries to get the data directly.


22st Dec 2015 - standiZd launched.
An extra level of tagging is now available that builds on and enhances the reported filer tagging to create a more complete set of tags for standardized comparisons and aggregations.

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21st Dec 2015 - Latest version of Xbrl sheet goes live.
Xbrl sheet is now even easier to use. Want to change company, just specify different ID's in the Search tab. Want to load up an older filing, just change the dates there too. It will even download the last five filings for the same company automatically.

30th Dec 2014 - New version of XBRL Sheet available for testing.
We are pleased to announce a new version of XBRL Sheet. This version trails a number of significant new features which massively enhances the effectiveness of XBRL in analysis. If you would like to test drive this version, please contact us: support@fundamentalx.co.uk.