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Downloads "Analyst Ready" XBRL data into Excel for multi-filing comparisons across companies or over time


NEW! Data can be downloaded directly from Excel


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Sector3 enables you to model a sector to allow meaningful comparisons between company business segments. You define the sectors and Sector3 will supply the appropriate data in Excel.


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XBRL Sheet - Get data directly from inside Excel

Unlimited filings - Automatic updates


Build models around comparable transparent XBRL


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New version available NOW!

Standardized XBRL tags for easy comparisons

Standardized and as reported in a single format

Free and Premium versions available

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Latest News
30th Dec 2014 - New version of XBRL Sheet available for testing
We are pleased to announce a new version of XBRL Sheet. This version trails a number of significant new features which massively enhances the effectiveness of XBRL in analysis. If you would like to test drive this version, please contact us: support@fundamentalx.co.uk.

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23rd Jan 2014 - XBRL to XL to use corrected XBRL as source
Fundamental X now fixes errors in filed XBRL documents and uses these as alternative source for all products.


7th Nov 2013 - XBRL drill down macros available for XBRL Sheet
Get from a high level ratio to the as reported XBRL in a couple of clicks. Example sheet (new improved version!) available for download (below). Use in XBRL to XL spreadsheets or any other spreadsheets for that matter! See the power of this code in attached video or read more at the blog.

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26th July 2013 - XBRL International Best Practices Board webinar published
Jim Truscott recorded this "New Opportunities in Company Analysis" webinar for the XBRL International Best Practices Board. The webinar demonstrates the new possibilities for analysis, with particular regard to retail Investors.


25th July 2013 - XBRL Sheet updated to download all tagged values in the notes as well as the financial statements
Set paramenter itm=fs in the query string if you just want the financial statements. Download the example file if you want to see exactly how this works.


27th Mar 2013 - Sector3 wins XBRL US Challenge 2013
Jim Truscott attends XBRL and Financial Analysis Conference in New York.


28th Feb 2013 - Sector3 entered into XBRL US Challenge 2013
Sector3 introduced allowing business sector analysis across companies using standard data points and XBRL dimensional data. 

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